Monday, June 18, 2007


Webster defines it as: overabundance, an extreme excess.

...and here are the pictures next to the word...
These are some piles of SOME of the maternity clothes I'm sending back to my sister, Kristen. Actually, this is just the tops (t-shirts, blouses, sweaters), I think I counted about 70 shirts. I don't have 70 shirts in my regular wardrobe! This doesn't even cover all the cute slacks, pants, jeans, and skirts I've already sent back to her. I have cut my wardrobe in half. Thanks to her I had an "overabundance" of clothes while I was pregnant. It was nice to dress in fun new clothes that I would have never bought for myself. I actually felt pretty during a time when most women don't. Thanks, Kristen! You're the best.

And for the other illustration:
Oh yeah, and don't forget this
Which leads me to why I haven't been posting lately. This is my 3 hour cycle: I feed Olivia (which takes surprisingly long for a bottle-fed baby), pump (20 minutes - due to only a single breast pump), break-up Emmy and Bradley's brawl (yeah, that happens about every three hours), go to the bathroom, feed the other two's hungry mouths, then I'm back to feeding Olivia again....oh, and sometimes I sleep. The cycle just goes 'round and 'round. I can barely even answer the phone because of the distractions.
This also leads me to and update on Olivia's condition. The blood test was sent to the Mayo Clinic and that's part of the reason it's taking so long (and was so darned expensive!). Her second test was negative (mostly), but it showed indication that she had some symptoms of galactosemia. We should know within a week and half if all this milk is going to be donated to a local breast milk bank or if we'll need to use it because she won't come back to me.
This also means that in a week and a half, I have less of an excuse for posting so little. Oh, it's good to write.


Emma said...

I am so impressed that you are sticking with it! Good for you. Hopefully we will hear good news and soon! Do you have room for food in there? BTW Aaron said the genetic testing is a more accurate test, obviously, and he probably would have recommended it. It's still not easy on the pocketbook.

Audra said...

Dang, Mindy, couldn't you have sent those clothes to me? I am hurting for some more! And seriously, I need some cute clothes to make up for the way I feel!

And I sure hope you can use all that milk for Olivia! You are one productive woman.:)

John said...

How come the milk on the top shelf of the door looks so neat, organized, without any wasted space and the placement of the rest of the milk looks like a cluster freak?

They make a double breast pump? That is awesome. Totally sweet!

Good luck on your continued hard work. I am thinking about you!

Ashley said...


Jodie Haney said...

The good are out of maternity clothes already!!!
More good have already made more milk than I made in a year of breastfeeding!

Mindy said...

Okay, to make a long story short: John cleaned out my freezer when he was here visiting. That is why it's sooo neat and organized. I'm so glad he made me point this out.

Thank you, John (said while I'm rolling my eyes).

John said...

Oh my goodness. I forgot I did that. Sorry! I mean something seemed familiar about that but I could not put my finger on it.

I guess you like to spread all of the other milk out so it makes people think you are pumping your life away.

You know, in the dairy industry, those cows who produce that much would not even be milkers. They would just harvest their eggs to implant into other cows to make better producing babies.


Got Milk?

Tara said...

Wow, that's A LOT of milk! Hope you can use it all and not let it waste...I'm not sure if a milk bank will take it, because you have to go through lots of tests prior to donating. Well, good luck! And I hope Olivia is okay!

Leslie said...

you totally rock, mindy. that is a whole lotta milk, girl.

Mindy said...

John, you seem to have forgotten that I know where you live.

John said...

Actually, you DON'T know where I live. You may have a general idea, but not exactly. Thanks for bringing this up but because ya'll moved, you have never seen where we live. Thanks for making my Thursday really sad.


Melissa said...

I admire you for sticking with it! Hopefully you'll hear some good news soon!

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