Saturday, June 23, 2007

My Firsts

Got this "FIRSTS" idea from my gals Audra and Jodie

First Bike: My sister's hand-me-down bike that my mom refurbished to perfection: banana seat, streamers, basket, the works. It was awesome.

First Concert: Garth Brooks - I'm not a huge country fan but man, I miss his stuff.

First Time With Make-up: Age 14; I wasn't allowed to wear it until then. Lip gloss and mascara only. It was the next year that I really started to experiment. I wasn't too bad was I, Ma?

First Car: Nissan Sentra. I was 19 and bought it all on my own. I was, and still am, very proud that I didn't have to have help from my parents.

First Real Accident: Rolled said car on Interstate 15. I had fallen asleep at the wheel after snowboarding all day; uh, not as proud.

First Crush: Chris D* - kindergarten.

First Job: Inspector at a embroidery shop; age 14. No, it wasn't a sweatshop. It was a tiny little store owned by my neighbor.

First College Roommate: Steven. I know it's so sad that I never had the dorm experience or the girl roommate thing. I still regret it - though Steven has always been a great roommate. Though saving money by living at home the first year of college probably allowed me to afford the afore mentioned car.

First Date: Alex L*; he took me to Senior Prom my sophomore year of high school. This answers the 'first prom question'.

First Kiss: Nick I*; age 17, on my driveway.

First Time to Disneyland: My parents took us on a surprise vacation when I was in 6th grade. They told us we were going to stay somewhere fun in Salt Lake City for a few days and to pack a swimsuit. When my parents drove into the airport, our confusion and anticipation were able to get them to tell us where we were really going. They didn't want to tell us until we were on the plane, but we forced it out of them. SO FUN! I totally want to do that to my kids one day!!

First Time I Met Ste: In Sam Goody (where I worked). Brian introduced us. Still love you for that Bri.

First Best Friend: Shanna W*.

First Time I Realized I Wasn't a Kid Anymore: Not sure that moment has happened for me.

First Broken Bone: Technically my bone was purposefully broken during a foot operation. None since.

First Dance: Age 14 - I was so nervous I was sick to my stomach.

First Airplane Ride by Myself: Never

First Pet: Our mutt, Brittany. We talked our mom into taking a free, adorable puppy outside our grocery store.

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