Monday, July 07, 2008

Back from CA

I'm back and raring to go.

Er, something like that.

Our little family just returned from a lovely little vacation to Santa Cruz. It was heavenly, as usual. Though, because all of my BILs have sweet new cameras, we didn't pull ours out once. Let's just say you'll get SC, CA post when they all send me cds full of pics, and probably pics of their families. Oh well.

PS For those of you who are having trouble commenting (Ruth, Shelley, Kay etc.) try using the "Anonymous" option and then just sign your name. And for those of you who aren't commenting, you're dumb.


PPS For those of you who don't use google reader, thanks for sticking with me. This summer has been tough on my little blog. I vow to be better.


John said...


If I checked this blog one more time without a post I was going to vomit blood.

Glad you are back.

Maybe you should have told peoples you were going to California


Kristen said...

we are heading to the santa cruz area next week...can't wait to see your extended family's pictures

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