Sunday, July 20, 2008

Professor Blog

I'm teaching a class on blogging.

When you catch your breath from laughing, please feel free to respond the following question(s):

What do you wish you had known before starting your blog?


What is keeping you from beginning your own blog?

Or feel free to give any sort of advice to a sucker lined up to teach a class on blogging.


Andrea said...

I know a lot of people who have turned their blog entries into a hard-back book. I would like more information on that process. To me, the benefit of a blog is that the pictures and entries can be some type of history for my family. With that said, using slideshows on a blog isn't a good idea if you're going to print it because obviously the slideshow won't print. Also, I have had a few friends lose their blog. Somehow it was deleted of blogger. I like to cut and paste my entries into Word (or type them there first) so that what I have written is saved in case anything happens.

Kaylene said...

That it wasn't important to always update EVERY day. Not to worry about pleasing others so much because it's best to just go at your own pace. And that blogs submissions with pictures and less words tend to get a better reception.

Anonymous said...

I'm not laughing at you teaching a class on blogging. Bet it will
turn into more than one class :>)
My biggest frustration is not being able to add comments to your blog
(even using anonym). I don't know whether that's an issue with other
blogs or how you work around it if you're not a blogger.
A few of the young mothers I know don't want to put their children's
pics out on a blog where people they don't know can see their kids.
Maybe they're just misinformed or uninformed.

Here's to a good week!!

lv ruth

Emma said...

I was glad to find out the different levels of security you can have on a blog.
Also I keep a blog for my own personal history, and so friends and family can keep in touch. It doesn't matter who reads it, or if you are a great writer - I am not. I just do it because I want to. I can't compare myself to others, but I can glean ideas from others.

I love to get comments, but I don't let that affect whether I blog or not, or the content of my blog.

Rachael said...

I'm more responding out of narcisistic curiosity. You commented on post, and I'm always curious how people hop blogs. You know? Where in TX are you? I'm outside of Dallas. Class on blogging, huh? RS? It's addicting and a wondrous outlet. Also, if you use blogger, all roads lead to Rome (google). There's a lot of cool google tools if you just embrace the dark side.

Emily said...

i chose my web address to make it easy for family to remember, but that included our name and i know lots of people wish they wouldn't have used part of their name for their address once they got going.

Janene said...

I'm so glad you are willing!!!!!!

Jenny said...

Mindy...I finally started a blog and am completely clueless. Help me...I can be your first success story (besides your own).

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