Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hot Stuff

I'm hot.

Now, you could have Paris Hilton's voice saying this (so sorry if you do), but you shouldn't. Because this is an icky, sticky, hotness that comes with July Texas heat and an impending hurricane (hurricane's raise the temperature right before they find you). I think her name's Bonnie or Dolly or Lucifer.... I can't seem to remember which.

This morning as I applied deodorant, I couldn't help but think, the manufacturers certainly wouldn't mind if I applied this elsewhere, say... down my cleavage and small of my back so I don't get that weird tickling sensation while I'm talking to my elderly neighbor and I instinctively begin itching while she wonders why I'm insane.

Don't worry, I didn't try it. I'm waiting for someone else to admit that they have.

No takers?


John said...

I don't understand your post.

Are you looking for takers to put deodorant on your cleveage?

I just want to be sure of the assignment before I volunteer.


Mindy said...

Classy, John.

It takes me a while to fine any sort of cleavage, so as for now, I'm not taking volunteers.

But since you seem to be working on your own cleavage, maybe you could give the ol' deodorant a swipe.


ps that was just to egg you into joining the 10% cause. I'd really enjoy beating you....again.

John said...

Well, at least I FINALLY get a response from all of my comments.

Cheers? What are you Irish?


you hurt my feelings . . . I am very sensitive.


steven said...

you two make me gag

Jodie Haney said...

I haven't tried it, but I might.

Ashley said...

not a bad idea! That Texas heat is awful in the summer!

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