Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Da*n the Joneses

There are 7 houses in my cul-de-sac.

Four of those houses have children under the age of 21.

As of last Thursday, three of those houses have the Wii.

Let's all guess which house doesn't.

Now, you all know I'm a sucker for peer pressure. Heck, I bought Girbaud Jeans in junior high (despite how their pockets made your derriere look the size of a barn and a tab on the fly that TOTALLY drew the eye). But now I feel obligated to buy a $400 system just to fit in. We all want to have that "cool" house that all your kid's friends want to come to hang out. For some reason I really want to be that house because when I was growing up mine was never that house.

When is it too much?

Where do you draw the line at keeping your kids "fitting" in?

And when do you tell them "don't worry, I still think you're cool." ?
BTW, no kid wants to hear that statement from their parent.

Oh, actually have several friends with the surname Jones. Love them all.


Shelley said...

Sadey's eyes just buldged out of her head. She saw your headline. Good thing your turrets(sp?) doesn't flare up in front of her.

Hayley said...

A few things, first of all-buy the wii. And then buy Guitar Hero. Not so your kids will fit in, but just because it is so stinkin' fun.

You can justify it by saying you are buying it for 'family time.'

And second, my house was the house where all of my friends hung out. And my parents never even bought a nintendo.

Jessi said...

I always hoped we'd be the hang-out house, too. But now that there are ALWAYS other people's kids at my house I try to devise ways to make them go home. :) I'm totally not as cool as I thought I would be. (Of course I'm also about 35 weeks pregnant. Maybe I'll get my groove back once I'm not constantly being kicked from the inside.)

That said, I would LOVE to have a Wii.

Truman Jensen said...

if you decide to get one, make sure and get some of these games

wii play (it has a few mini games and comes with a controller)

Super Monkey Ball, best game value IMHO, it has 50 mini games that are perfect for any age

Mario Kart

Mario Galaxy

Smash Brothers (great fighting game but not really violent)

And remember to let your kids have a turn too :)

Randy said...

I guess I can't talk as I own the big 3 consoles. Won the XBox in a drawing, got a Wii as a bonus at work, and ended up purchasing a PS3 at a $100 discount because I wanted a Blu-Ray player.

That said, the Wii is by far my favorite for the kids. It's the cheapest at $250 if you can find one, and it gets the kids up and moving while they play.

-- Mr. Jones

The Jones Family said...

I know-it the pressure really sucks (well, me being a Jones and all). We actually have one-we bought it like a year ago when you couldn't buy one anywhere. Sadly, I must say that I totally love it-and so does my three year old!! Sometimes Connor and I go downstairs and just play together for a while! So if you want to keep up with me (wink, wink) you better buy one!! But seriously-justify the purchase by buying Wii Fit and call it your exercise equipment-that you will actually use!!
BTW, Hi! We haven't talked in a while!! Are you coming out this summer?

Brian said...

First of all, between you and Steven it is like having a conversation with a drunk and rowdy sailor. Gaining self-mastery is one of the prime reasons we were sent to earth.

Secondly, you don't need a #$%&! Wii (until we get one).

Thirdly, swearing doesn't make you look smarter. It is a way of crying out for attention. You don't need that. Steven cries enough for the both of you.

D. Your house is fine.

And E. I have a feeling that Emmy is somewhere in your house whispering swear words, trying to keep up with her mother. Her mother, of all things.

Oh, and sixthly, why doesn't John comment anymore. Where did he go? Has there been an accident?

Amy Johnson said...

We also have one. I guess working at Best Buy requires that you own one! :) It really is great family time! We play with Simon who is only 2 and we have a blast! Mario Kart is super super super fun! And might I add very addicting! Then after Simon goes to bed Cody and I have a tennis match or two! Great fun! I keep meaning to email you.... :)

Heidi Kjar said...

HA! I love it! Just buy it!
I had to add a memory I just thought of: picking up the dead cat on the road on our way out to dancing- me and you felt bad for it so my mom stopped and let us move it off the middle of the road. What?!

Jodie Haney said...

We bought one. It never stops because now we "need" a flat screen TV.
Got to go. Smells like something is burning...maybe the kids are not really sleeping. can get one for $300. Wouldn't want you to spend too much. And by the way, it is super fun.

Shane, Megan, & Carter said...

How do you think I lost so much weight so quickly? Wii Fit is so dang addicting that I can't help but work out once I get started! Okay, Carter LOVES boxing on the Wii. My 2-year-old is frighteningly good at hitting people in a video game. It tires him out before bed, though...

But Shane and I are really the ones who get the most from it. Best purchase ever. We use it every day and enjoy spending that time together that we would otherwise probably have spent on separate computers or watching TV. We have stayed up too late many nights together because of it! SO FUN.

Kristen said...

Ya, I'm with Jodie. Don't spend too much. My friend got a sweet deal at Satan's Surplus (Walmart) for $299, well probably rollback 282 or some random number like that. It came with 14 games (probably not your choice) and a controller. She could be exagerating but it still sounds better than $400. Happy Shopping! Oh, I know, have mom find you a "deal"!

P.S. Brian,
A, B, C, 1, 2, 3. I know they do it different in Tremonton but it's going to be ok.

PPS. Let me reset your earring. Sorry I wasn't there when you came in but we could sure come up with something sweet for someone for Christmas:)

Mindy said...

Well isn't that just fan-freakin-tastic! You've all been truly helpful and really very supportive of this. UGH!

I'm gonna have to his Santa up for a bit of a favor this year.

Mickelmonkey Mama said...

Hey there! Love the blog! Glad to see that I'm not the only one who has monkeys! My advice--from one monkey mama to another--is to have your kids help earn the money for it if they just HAVE to have it. You'll get some good work out of them, and then you'll get to play it (because it really is pretty fun)!

TAN-Man said...

what is a wii

Bonnie and Brian Wayne said...

I agree with haley - the guitar hero thing - AWESOME. Its the only one I can beat Brian at...

The boxing is pretty fun to - especially if you have some pent up hostil energy!!

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