Monday, August 18, 2008

Wanna Be Like Mike

I wish I were more like Mike.

I guess, first of all, you should meet Mike.

Mike's a 56 year old VA Vet who still suffers from PTSD and lives alone in a motel room somewhere in Milwaukee. He's morbidly obese, missing most of his teeth, and smokes more than anyone should be allowed. We met him while living in the medical center in Houston.

Begging the question, right?

Mike keeps up with us the old fashion way. There's no IM-ing, no writing on my Facebook wall. He doesn't text or email. He writes us a letter asking us how we're doing and what the weather is like about once every two or three months and calls to check in about twice a year. I LOVE THAT!

I remember in the third grade, I had a pen pal somewhere in New England. That excitement and anticipation of getting the mail was palpable. Though, with this fast-paced world, we find ourselves annoyed with junk mail. But most of all we lack time to pen letters to one another and instead use emoticons and LOLs to let people know how we feel. I have a sense of gratitude for Mike in allowing me this infrequent opportunity to take the time and sit at my desk and write out my questions to him of how his aunt is doing and whether or not he likes his doctors.

Thanks, Mike. You keep me grounded when I need it most.
By the way, the weather is great.


Anonymous said...

I remember your stories about Mike when you lived in Houston. What a treasured experience to keep him in the lives of your family. This just doesn't happen often enough any more. Great entry! lv, mil

~Ali said...

Ah yes, we too enjoy the letters from Mike. Although, we do miss the multiple daily phone calls just to let us know what the weather will be like and what will be on TV that night. :)

Emma said...

Oh what would life be like without Mike? I remember him calling whenever there was an interesting news story on, especially the weather. What a character!

Mindy said...

That's very true. We did get a 6am call one day letting us know there was an earthquake in California.

He also let us know about certain celebrity deaths, when politicians were coming to town and any time there was anything noteworthy on the telly.

Shad & Amy said...

What--You still don't get calls everyday? So I guess we don't get our calls every day either but still about once a week. Its funny how many people have gotten those calls and in a way I miss them. It was almost a daily ritual like brushing your teeth, etc. The letters are and brett favre...what else is there in life?


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