Sunday, August 10, 2008

Summer Regrets

It's funny (or not). There are two more weeks left until school starts. I'm all bummed out that we didn't do more this summer. If you'll recall this entry, you'll see how time can certainly change one's perspective.

Okay, okay, I'm still looking forward to school.

But sadly, so is Bradley. What does that say about me?


John said...

1) He doesn't love you.
2) Its more fun doing math problems over and over and over again then hanging out with you or siblings.
3) Mick Summers are lame.
4) Even swimming deep into the depths of your brain you are not able to find enough intellectual stimulation for a 6 year old.

5) Or maybe he just can't wait to show off his intelligence and to make you proud for doing a good job raising him.

personally I am going with 2) or 4)!


Mindy said...

There aren't words strong enough, John.
Hate, loathing, repugnant ... they just don't do it.

...and though your not technically in the contest, I'm still kicking your repugnant booty.

Yours truly,

Jodie Haney said...

I did a ton this summer and wish I hadn't. So, I don't think anyone gets it perfect.

John said...

You can't put me in the game just so you can say you are kicking my booty.

And anyway, word on the street is that Mamma Cass still has a big

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