Wednesday, August 06, 2008


I really want to be settled.

We've moved 6 times and been married only 7 years. I'm waiting for that 7th and final move (okay, maybe not FINAL move, but at least somewhere we can be for longer than 2 years). We're planning on waiting until the new year, but...

These rising interest rates are giving me a rash.
The lowering of housing costs are making me antsy.

Anybody got a couple hundred thou' they want to lend me at, oh, I don't know, 3%?

Juuuuust checkin'.


Shelley said...

Me, me, oh, me!!!! Even though we're in a drought, my money tree seems to be growing really well out back.


mksick said...

I don't get it. ARe you wanting to buy the house you are in or you are looking at some that are available. If so, there are 3 on my block that are awesome and I could get you a heck of a deal on any of them:) I will also throw in watching your kids for 2 hours a week, Sunday dinner every other week and hmmm let's can borrow my clothes when you want?
Lovingly your bribing
Sister Kristen

Anonymous said...

I think people will be fighting to have you move near them. Sure wish Cali was in the stars...... Guess the commute would use too much gas.

Jodie Haney said...

I feel ya...waiting stinks!

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