Tuesday, August 14, 2007


If you haven't had the pleasure yet, this place is soooo much fun! This was one of the many activties we did while in Utah. And you can do it for only $10 if you really want to. Though mine ended up being more like $50. Even mommies get carried away in the fun.

Bradley filling up his bear with stuffing.

Emmy filling her bear after placing a heart
(with a wish on it - so cute!) inside the bear.

Just about the cutest place EVER!
All the cousins with their new "bears".

Afterwards we went to a spray park just outside the shopping center. The kids were used to Texas heat & much warmer water and had to sit out early during the water fun. They lied on the warm cement to dry off.
That Gateway sure is fun! I need one of those here.


Tara said...

The Gateway is awesome - they need a Cheesecake Factory there.

Mindy said...

Are you kidding me? They need a Cheesecake Factory within 5 miles of just about everywhere.

Audra said...

Kyle got a Build A Bear for Christmas and named it Fluffy. I love it!

What a fun trip with fam!

Bonnie and Brian Wayne said...

I have always wanted to take the kids there. My cousin had a future missionary bear from there that was TOTALLY adorable. Course, that would definitely have been in Utah...NOT in IL.

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