Wednesday, August 29, 2007

New Creations

This is mostly for me.
I created a new blog.
I've learned that if I have time, I really enjoy cooking.

Go figure. Who has time?

These are recipes I've personally made and enjoy.
There is always room for improvement and/or additions to my repertoire,
So please comment.

Welcome to my new blog.


John said...

What the c-rap? Now I have to check two of your Blogs. Great.

And . . .

None of those recipes have you made for me. Thanks.

Mindy said...

If you'd come to my house once in a while and refrain from the fantastic bbq and tex-mex nearby, you would have eaten some of these recipes!

John said...

Well, perhaps you should tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Everytime I have been there you have acted like it was a full time job being a wet nurse and you were having trouble getting enough sleep. I seriously doubt if I said, "Hey Mindy, why don't we stay in and eat here. Could you cook us something?" YOU would have made one of these dishes!

Emma said...

I am so excited! I may have to post some of your recipes that I try on my blog!!! I love recipe sites. Thanks!

Mindy said...

What? Are your hands broken?

Poor, poor John always needs someone waiting on him.

John said...

Um . . . you are a woman*. You are supposed to wait on me.

* This ONLY applies to Mindy and not any other woman who may read or gain access to this particular post.

Mindy said...

I know a couple of ladies (like the ones you're related to) who will gladly step in on my behalf and whoop you for that one.

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