Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Joyful Day, Luckily

Bradley learned who his teacher was last Thursday. Mrs. L* stopped by our home to introduce herself to Bradley as well as Steven and me. She left our home, drove around the cul-de-sac, and stopped in front of the home across the street from us. *Trevor*, Bradley's best friend, was also in his class! All was well. Let me explain.

Before this moment happened, Bradley wasn't just apprehensive about school; he had no desire whatsoever to attend any sort of institution that gave him any sort of education and/or direction in life. Bradley was still recovering from our move and his little scars were slow to heal. We weren't winning the battle ... until Mrs. L* told Trevor he was in Bradley's class.

Friday we went to "Howdy Night" our back-to-school night (we SO live in Texas). And we learned that Bradley had yet another friend in his class. Could this get any better? This little boy had moved out of our cul-de-sac just at the end of May. Bradley was now uber-excited about school. He now wanted to ride the bus; he now wanted to begin as soon as possible (literally, he woke up Saturday morning begging to go to school and saying things like "wouldn't it be cool if we could go to school on Saturday & Sunday?" If he wasn't my own son, I'd probably be making fun of him). This scenario sounds all sorts of great except this other child's family and Trevor's family are feuding.

Not kidding.

As the weekend continued on, we learned that confrontations had happened, emails had been sent, phone calls made, and Trevor was going to be taken out of the class.


I didn't even dare tell Bradley. I know, bad idea to lie to your kid. I thought his disposition would return to his sullen, mean self and he owuld no longer want to attend school. Ugh. What in the world was I going to do?

All day yesterday, I worried that Bradley was going to be confused and think that if Trevor left the class then he should, too. This was on top of all the normal mommy's-oldest-child's-first-day-of-school worries. I couldn't even blog about all of this yesterday because I was so distraught - which is saying something since writing is my form of therapy. I was near depression when the bus pulled up to drop-off Bradley.

Trevor's mom approached me and told me they were going to see a professional (we'll leave that up for interpretation) and she wasn't going to pull Luke out of the class for the very same reasons I had; she was afraid Trevor would feel misplaced and confused.


All we can do now is wait for a good playground brawl. Okay, I know that's not really funny. At least it's not supposed to be funny. I'm only Kidding.

*Trevor* - not so much his real name, but I thought I'd keep this one low profile.


Jodie Haney said...

Yea for you guys!!!

Emma said...

wow what a story!

Audra said...

Oh boy! What drama! Are the kids involved in the fighting, or is it just the parents? Hopefully the kids don't know too much and the classroom setting turns out fine. Keep us posted!

Mindy said...

The fighting began with accusations regarding the kids (false or not, I don't know).

Megan said...

Drama, drama.

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