Saturday, March 14, 2009

Hikers R Us

Steven's on this new kick.

I don't even know what that saying means,

but every weekend he's been taking the kids (and sometimes me - if I'm not elsewhere) hiking somewhere within an hour's drive. I thought I'd share some pics because they're 1) starting to add up and 2) the family's getting mad that I'm blogging about non-family stuffs.

These first three are from a some place in G*town.

The raging waterfall behind them was overwhelming.

Olivia playing catch-up.

My cutestest family.
Olivia's going to get beat up looking like that.

I take it back. They're all going to get beat up.


Chris said...

Woah - I thought Bradley was Steven with those socks hiked up like that. Train him now, Mindy. You see what a difficult habit it is to break.

Janene said...

Great pictures and a fun family tradition.

Annie said...

Cute family Mick's! Wish we could chill soon! We miss you guys....I don't think I have said that enough! ;) Its been too long really!

John said...

What do you mean Olivia is going to get beat up looking like that? It LOOKS like she got beat up looking like that.

Who is parenting that child these days anyway?

Maybe she should come live with someone else in H-Town who would love her.

I thought Bradley was Steven also. Not because of the socks but Chris had a good point, but because the person in the green shirt has no back side to hold up his shorts so I thought it was Steven.

By the way, why is Olivia and Emmy wearing Garments?

Jodie Haney said...


Anonymous said...

Just enjoying some of your past blogs and got so excited when I saw this one 'cause we've now walked down that same path with our wonderful family! Love you, mil

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