Thursday, March 26, 2009

"It's just a Funny Story"

When I picked Emmy up today from school, her teacher helped her into the car. The teacher approached with a huge grin. This is how the conversation went.

Ms. J: Congratulations!
Me: Thanks. -- Wait, what?!
Ms. J: I hear there's a new addition to the family on its way.
Me: To my family?
Ms. J: Yes. Emmy told us that you guys are having a little girl and naming her Katie.
[at this point, Emmy is ducking into the backseat and avoiding eye contact with either of us.]
Me: Wow, that is exciting. Even I wasn't even aware of it.

You must know I'm about to give you the next obvious conversation - between Emmy and myself on the drive home.

Me: Emmy, why did you tell Ms. J that?
Emmy: Because I thought it would be a funny story to tell.
Me: Did you know that was like lying.
Emmy: No. It's just a funny story.
Me: It's only a funny story if you say 'just kidding' at the end so they know your not telling the truth.

While this was an awkward situation for everyone (I'm obviously not doing well on this diet thing if I look far enough along to know the gender of my unborn fetus) I realized this evening that I taught Emmy that she can say pretty much anything, stick a "JK" at the end of it, and get away with it.

Super-parent moment.

Glean what you will.

Oh, I'm not pregnant.


Shelley said...

I once knew a girl who told all her friends on her blog that she wasn't pregnant and she was. OH....jUst kidding!!!
Wasn't that a FUNNY story?
Does it work for adults too? haha

TAN-Man said...

my childhood best friend who i know will be the prophet someday (because he is just that good) taught me this trick when we were young... he absolutely could not, would not ever tell a lie... BUT he taught me that as long as you say "just kidding" then it's not a lie... oh, he also had the rule that it did have to be audible (not loud enough for anyone else to hear but it did actually have to come out of your mouth)... so now you know the real rules about just kidding... so, if he's going to be prophet someday then that certainly confirms your status as super-parent!

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