Friday, September 14, 2007

Emmy's School Beginnings

My little Amelia is going to preschool.

A lady that lives in the area was inspired by Gordon B. Hinckley's "BE's". She wrote a preschool curriculum based on it called Busy Bee Preschool. I'm trying it for a little while. I don't always do very good at the whole co-op thing. Hopefully I'll last at least a little while. There are four other little munchkins in the group and we meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Teaching every 5 weeks shouldn't be too bad.

I'm so happy the side ponytail is back.
Wait, it's back, right?

Ste and I have a hot date tonight, sort of. It will be the first time we leave Olivia. We're trying to save money, so we're going to go play co-ed volleyball. I'm not always a fan of team sports when there's competitive people on the team. It brings out my clumsy 7th grade awkwardness. Wish me luck.


MIL said...

We should have wished you more than luck as you ventured out for a co-ed sport :>) Please send this wonderful picture to us via email so she can rotate across the screens of our computers.............. Bee careful and enjoy with your adventures

Ashley said...

She is adorable!

John said...

I LOVE your clumsy 7th grade awkwardness.

Idaho Homs said...

Hi Mindy! It Lacey Hom....its been a long time since we have talked to you guys, but its like life is good for you all out there. Your kids have gotten so big and just too cute! Our blog isn't nearly as fun and cute as yours, but check it out. keep in touch!

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