Sunday, September 30, 2007

Good News / Bad News

Update on the last doctor's visit:

Dr. F* told me that he'd know more about my prognosis if they could get a picture of my joint at a bent angle. Sure, that's gonna feel real good.

Dr. F: I'm not really sure if you need surgery. The x-rays you brought to me don't tell me enough about your injury.
Me: (relieved & clarifying) You mean you think I might not need surgery?
Dr. F: Yup.
Me: Wow, I thought it was a ridiculous idea to as a surgeon whether or not I would need surgery. Aren't you guys always itchin' to cut someone open?
Dr. F: Yes, actually. I just said that to make you feel better.

Totally funny! I love it when people can be sarcastic with me.
I obliged and got my x-ray.

Dr. F: Well there's good news and bad news.
picture me cringing
Me: And what might that be?
Dr. F: I don't think you need surgery. I'm 80% sure. We'll splint it differently and know completely for sure next week. But I'm very optimistic, though slightly disappointed. wink, wink.
Me: Oh is that "the bad news"?
Dr. F: No, the bad news is that you actually have two broken fingers.

The bass of my middle finger has a hair-line fracture. No wonder it hurt so bad!


Emma said...

Glad you have a surgeon with a sense of humor! Sorry about your 2nd broken finger.

Jodie Haney said...

You have got to be kidding?!?!!?

Megan said...

Ouch! Good news about the surgery though!

Brian said...

Have him check your neck, too. Aparently they aren't being thorough enough.

Glad you won't need surgery. Though, I'm a little let down, too.

Audra said...

Ok, I don't feel your pain. You've hurt your fingers way worse than I have ever hurt mine! How did you manage that type of injury?!

Angela said...

Glad to hear you shouldn't need surgery.

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