Sunday, September 02, 2007

Parent's Anniversary

I'm not the type of blogger to honor all my family members' birthdays, anniversaries, births or deaths, commemorations, graduations, job or college acceptances, etc. This is partially due to being born into a Mormon family which begs the question: so how many cousins (or mothers if you're)do you have? which is awkwardly answered with: I honestly don't know.
A few months ago, our friends John and Elizabeth were visiting for the weekend and we forced them (not really, they're always very willing) to come to church with us. Elizabeth attended Primary with me while the John went with Steven to his meetings.
While in Primary, a young girl (oh, say 8 or 9-ish) approached my Eli and welcomed her. She was drawn to Elizabeth in part because she was holding Olivia (who was brand new). The young girl began to explain that she had just had a baby born into her extended family and she now had over 100 cousins (okay, my family's not that bad).
She then asked Elizabeth, "How many cousins do you have?"
Elizabeth replied, "I only have four cousins."
To which the girl responded, "What is wrong with your family?"

Oh boy. Anyway, I digress.

I do make exceptions for special times. Such as my FIL's 70th Birthday and this one:

Happy 35th Anniversary to my Mother and Father.
May you have 35 more.


Mindy said...

All the sudden I have one of those sick feelings that it's really their 36th. I'm almost sure they were married in '72. Can I get some reassurance from someone?

Brian said...

I wish you were a better daughter.

John said...

Yes, they were married in '72.

"big" :)

MIL said...

Wish we could help.........however, they're such good parents they'll laugh about your memory and continue to love you in spite of your memory :>)

MIL said...

John, I'm surprised the little mickmonkeys didn't make you go to Primary too because they love having you around so much..... Were you well behaved in Steven's meetings or did you cause a little mischief?

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