Friday, September 28, 2007

"Oh Crap."

These were the words out of my mouth yesterday to a very kind and civilized man doing his best to help me.

I went back to my orthopedist yesterday.

We took new x-rays from different angles.

This was our conversation:

: I was so good this week. I kept it bandaged the whole time!
Dr. O
: That's not going to matter at all.
: Why? What do you mean?
Dr. O
: Mindy, I'm so sorry, but your injury is much more severe and traumatic than I thought. I'm really sorry I didn't realize this sooner.
Me: Okay. What does that mean? Because I've resolved the fact that my knuckle might be permanently "swollen" and my finger may be slightly crooked the rest of my life. Will I be able to play the piano?
Dr. O: Well, your injury is VERY uncommon. Your prognosis will be a very painful joint the rest of your life.
Me: You mean, like when it rains I'll have a little arthritis?
Dr. O: No, more like when your sitting around, on any given day, doing no activity whatsoever, it will be aching. You need to see a hand surgeon.
Me: Oh crap.

I go today, wish me luck. Maybe Dr. F will think Dr. O's crazy and I'll get to go home with a lollipop and a new prognosis of: Don't use your hand for a week or two and it will be fine.

Ya think?

Me neither.


Vanderbeeks said...

ahhh, don't we just love life! There was the time when I had to have a mediasteinoscopy and they were so happy that the cancer was more on the right side of my heart than the left - or they said they would have had to crack my chest open to do the biopsy! There is always a bright side - keep it looking for it and you'll find it even if it really sucks right now! I am praying things will go well for you!

Brian said...

You know, you have another hand. You can type and play the piano and everything with your one hand. Some people in the world only have no hands, so you should feel lucky.

Hope the doc has good news.

Jodie Haney said...

Oh Crap!

Emma said...

Oh Mindy. That's no fun at all. Church volleyball and now you need surgery? I hope Dr. F has a different prognosis! Good luck.

Ashley said...

I'm sorry Mindy! That just sucks. There's no other good way to put it. I hope everything goes well.

Madelyn said...

How frustrating! Oh the go play volleyball to save $$ and come home needing surgery! Hope your appt. goes well.

janet said...

That's terrible news.. hopefully it will be just a misdiagnoses. What a pain-literally, I guess. What kind of luck do you have? Your family seems to have had more than one VERY uncommon prognosis. How is your Olivia doing? Good luck!

MIL said...

Just take care of those fingers now that we've talked and I know what's going on......... every single finger is important to you and to us... lv

The Jones Family said...

oh crap!!!! good luck, I'll cross my fingers for a diagnosis of rest ...nothing more!!

Andrea said...

Sad news. I'm soooo sorry! I just hate it when our body isn't doing what we want it to do. Good luck--I hope doctor #2 finds a fast and esay solution!

lyn said...

Oh no. That's no good at all - I'm sorry. Hopefully you won't have to give up the piano - you're such a talented pianist.

Korrin said...

I hope Dr. F has better news for you.
Can't wait to hear your news.

Anonymous said...

Never go to church again!

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