Sunday, September 09, 2007

Spender or Saver?

1. sushi - don't just buy crappy california rolls, yuck. Get the good stuff.
2. hair - totally necessary for me. I look all washed out if I don't do something with it.
3. pedicures - totally unnecessary, but a couple of times a year, it's great.
4. my media bundle (phone, internet, cable w/dvr) - once you have it, you can't live without it - well, not happily.
5. insurance - we have LOTS of insurances that most people our age and in our situation don't have. What can I say, I'm a boy scout: gotta be prepared.
6. rent - we could live in an apartment until we decide where to buy a house. I just couldn't do that to my kids anymore - so a house it is.
7. eating out - we do it way too often, even as students which leads me to #8...
8. loan repayment - not so much a splurge as a necessary EVIL!
9. vacations - we blew our savings this summer to see family.
10. preschool - the year before kindergarten, Bradley did private preschool. I'm pretty sure the rest of our kids will do the same.

1. vehicles - 3 kids in a '96 Accord is definitely a sacrifice - then again, Ste drives a '93 Corolla with its AC on the fritz (in TX in September).
2. television - we're not into surround sound or watching movies 100x over; neither are we big screen people. We have movies for the kids and the same tv we've had since we were fist married.
3. shoes - $20 or less.
4. cell phone - pay-as-you-go, baby. My monthly bill ends up being about $7 a month or less.
5. accessories - $12 or less; I'm talking jewelry, bags, hair, belts, etc.
6. video game system - non-existent in our house.
7. make up - I'm a maybeline, covergirl, drugstore kind of gal.
8. children's clothes - thanks to Target, Old Navy, Kristen and consignment stores!
9. grocery food - MOST (there are exceptions) store brand food is just as good as the name brand.
10. stuff - my catch-all phrase for things I buy on websites like craigslist and ebay. Mostly books, toys, some furniture...

How do you save money? And what do you absolutely have to splurge on?

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janet said...

We do a prepaid cell phone as well and love it. And I have used the same mascara since the beginning of the year. I always tell my husband, "you have no idea what other girls spend on cosmetics."

But we will scrimp all year to go on an extravagant vacation... that is where all our money goes and probably will go in the future. It's a priority for us.

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