Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Labor Day - Anything But

We had a fun water activity planned for about two weeks for yesterday's holiday, but when the weather guy "predicted" 80% chance of rain and lightening, we decided to change plans - much to my and Bradley's chagrin.
This is where our original plans took us.
Looks fun, huh? Bradley and I were super excited to go, plus my VT had found out our plans and had given us coupons that were going to save us about $30, which makes Steven much more willing to do an outing like this.

With the news of gloomy weather, we quickly decided to look at our indoor activity options. I was NOT about to sit around on a holiday AGAIN.

We have dollar theaters here, so we took the kids to the 12:15 showing of Shrek 3. We are cheaters in that we bring in our own munchies to the movies (shhhh, don't tell anyone that we don't like spending $32 at the concession stand on a large popcorn and a soda for the 4 of us to share). So after a quick trip to the grocery store, Ste and the kids returned with Jelly Bellys, chocolate, Starbursts, and beverages. To make me feel guilty, however, the theater was having a Monday special where all tickets were only 50 cents each.

Hmmm, I'm already over the guilt.

By the time we got home, it still hadn't rained. In fact it was slightly overcast - PERFECT weather for a waterpark. Bradley was begging for us to go back to the original plan. I compromised and took Emmy and him to our community pool across the street for a couple of hours.

We returned home at 4:30. Still no rain.

It happened to be Bradley's 1/2 birthday yesterday (we celebrate those at our house) and so he chose where we ate that night. Big surprise: McD's. For about 20 minutes while we were there, it rained. Grrr (we could've made the water park work).

Afterwards, we decided to go to our local AAA baseball game. We had SOOOO much fun there. Because it's not huge like the Astro's, it's low-key and people were so nice and accommodating. Like when we parked, the guy taking our money ($5) said, "Wow, gotch yerselves a car load, thar." So I, being my mother said, "Ya, does that mean we get economy rates?" To which he replied (while winking), "a course you do.... roll yer back windas dan." And he gave our kids the five dollars back in Ones and told them they had to spend it on treats and hot dogs. SO NICE.
I was waiting outside the ticket counter while Steven returned stuff to the car and some guys gave us these tickets.
I soon realized after all our activities of the day that I hadn't missed the water park too much. We were out a little too late for a school night, as was evident this morning as I woke Bradley up for school, but that all that fun was well worth it and a great farewell to summer days.


Emma said...

Those seats are pretty good!

Jodie Haney said...

SUPER GREAT...You are such a cool Mom.
I love the parking lot story. Of course, those seat pretty much rock, too.

John said...

That's funny because I heard the dollar movie theatre was closing due to decreased concession sales.
I also heard the Astros were moving their AAA farm team to a different location because people were skipping out on paying for parking and giving their tickets away to people who would have paid. Would that AAA team be in the Astros organization?

Vanderbeeks said...

oh well I think I'll have to send you the written instructions for the digital scrapbooking class since you can't come It will not be nearly as good as listening to me blabber on for an hour about this and that, but at least you'll be able to create the page on the sketch! Do you want them for Adobe Photoshop Elements or CS2?

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