Sunday, September 23, 2007

Top 10

Every year in or close to October, our church has the children put on the entire sacrament meeting program. Everyone looks forward to it. The children prepare songs and usually a short part to say into a microphone and teachers and leaders get to show off what they've been teaching the children since January.

Here are my top 10 reasons that one would know today was the day of the program.

  1. The parking lot is full by 8:50am - a rarity. NO, an absolute wonder.
  2. The congregation is twice its normal number (requiring the back of the chapel to be opened up to a gymnasium).
  3. It took me 4 trips to load up my car with stuff to aid in leading the music.
  4. Teachers look weary with a distorted smile plastered to their face.
  5. Parents proudly look on tearfully as their child recites 5 memorized words.
  6. The 11-year old boys look about as mortified if their mother dropped them off at the mall in her curlers and robe.
  7. The Primary presidency looks like they're on the 22nd mile of a marathon.
  8. The noise that usually comes from these kids during sacrament meeting is organized and beautiful.
  9. Hearing aids need replaced after the 4-year old class nearly swallows the microphone while yelling their part.
And the top 10 reason
for knowing your primary
had it's annual program today is:

10. The children are all sleeping and it's 2 in the afternoon.



Andrea said...

We haven't had ours yet, but your write-up has made me excited. I can't wait to hear the little Sunbeams scream into the microphone!

Burdett Family said...

Mindy, I love your top 10 reasons for the annual primary program! I am envious that yours is over with! Ours is in a month and I just got the kids parts handed out to them and I am trying to convince Graham he needs to play the cello for "I'm Trying to be like Jesus." I cannot wait until mine is over! :)

Jessi said...

I've got to e-mail this list to a friend of mine who is the primary president. Their program was last week and she is still recovering. :)

Lori said...

Great list! Our program isn't until the end of October but it sure is fun! I get to play the piano for it and I love it. What a great list you made!

Kylene said...

Mindi! How are you? I was checkin' out my cousin's blog, Jo and Jeff Baugh, and clicked my way to yours! Your little family is darling and you look awesome. I am the secretary in our Primary and your top ten list is hilarious. We just had our program Sunday too. I can't tell you how many times we practiced the "let's all stand up together" drill. The joys...

Haueter Photography said...

I wish that our program was over. Ours isn't until Nov. 11th and to be honest, we need that much time. The kids really don't know the songs at all. The songs are a lot harder than last years.

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