Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Shopping Theories

A couple of years ago I was trying to explain to Steven that when something for sale is a really good deal, you just buy it! If you happen to need it - all the better, if not - maybe you can find a way to need it, or better yet, sell it and profit.
He disagrees.
If you happen to need the item (and by need the item that means you cannot talk yourself into needing the item), then great. If not: WALK AWAY.
This theory of mine came back into discussion when I learned that Pier 1 Import Kids is going out of business and everything is on sale for 75% off. I got a little excited because

we didn't necessarily need this

or this

(just the beds in both pictures)

but for some reason, I did that thing where I talk myself into thinking - no, knowing - that I need them. Well, instead of paying $1148, I spent $287, and now I have a bunch of new beds in my house. And with new bunk beds, the kids have an automatic fort built into their room. What a bonus!

Buyer's remorse? Not today.

Just don't ask Steven the same question.


Anonymous(steven) said...

let me give a reasonable example of the policy "a deal is not always a deal". If a mercedes benz is 75% off, it still costs $15,000. If you don't have $15,000 and you don't need a car, do you still buy it just because it is a "good deal"? As women and men of sound understanding, please give me some further insight.

Ashley said...

What a great deal! It makes sense to me!

John said...

A couple of small points if I may.

(1)Some people simply have differences of opinion and other people are utterly, entirely, completely WRONG. (I let you decide which of those two your opinion falls in).

(2)When individuals find you beds (although not new beds) and they transport them hundreds of miles for you, then store them in there home for you for months on in, then take them over to your movers so that your kids will have beds to lay their heads on, it makes it seem that the purchase of new beds (although a "great" deal) could lead some to believe that the family is doing rather well to spend on surplusage (again, although a "great" deal).

(3) You like the idea of a fort. How sad that your children's imagination and creativity has been handcuffed by this ready made fort. They miss out on the opportunity to build things on their own such as using sheets, couches and chairs and other things already purchased.

(4)Do they look nice? Yes. Do your children like them more? Yes. (they would each like a cell phone and an ipod too!)Are you shopping mom and bargain hunter of the week? Yes. Should you get a pat on the back for finding the bargain? Yes. Should you be congratulated for trying to "save" money? Yes. Should you have made this purchase? . . . . . .

(5)As to your "theory," I walked my dog this morning and he left a nice present in the lawn. I will sell that present to you at a great price. 90% off. You won't find another deal like it. Do you want to buy?

AND, don't dismiss my comments, roll your eyes, or say that I am dumb.

These are most of the things your husband would say but apparently either did not get the opportunity to say them or was not persuasive enough.


Haueter Photography said...

I'm jealous. The closest store to me is in Texas. Oh well, enjoy them. They are very cute. It was good to talk to you yesterday. Thanks for calling.


Leslie said...

wow. what a steal! we got our kids' bunk beds from them. they're great quality, too bad they're going out of business. :(

Brian said...

I'm telling.

Gauderio said...

Totally unrelated, but I thought Steve ought to know that boys can blog too, and not once do I ever mention what I'm wearing, where I shop, or whether or not I leave the bathroom door open.

Ashley said...

What a deal! I love pottery barn. Someday we'll be able to afford some furniture from there!

Natalie* said...

so do share where these great finds are to be had!

The Jones Family said...

I would have no remorse either! those are beautiful pieces of furniture and WOW, what a deal!!!!


Audrey said...

Bunk Beds are the best! Everyone has to have them!

Lori said...

That is good to know that I am not the only one who does that! Cory and I have the same discussions! They are really nice beds and you will love them!!!!

Mindy said...

Steven: You buy the Benz and sell it. DUH! Has craigslist taught you nothing?

John: When I say we bought beds, we bought the stuff to hold mattresses and box springs given to us by wonderful, kind, and very thoughtful least their parents were wonderful, kind and thoughtful. Sure you drove them to H*, but THEY were the ones that gave them to us.

And I'm on the fence about the little present Fido left you this morning. I'm sure there's some sort of putting it in a paper bag and lighting it on fire on your doorstep.

LeahNicole said...

This was a brilliant purchase. I would most definitely have done the same thing. Buying things on sale ALWAYS has future rewards as long as your current owned items arent about to be repossessed... You can always sell it for more, or give it to someone needier than you or get good use out of it the list goes on. And although I dont currently want kids, I'm lamenting the fact that I have NO reason to go by Pier 1 kids at the moment.

On an unrelated note, I dont understand why John "amens" himself. Dont you normally wait for others to do that?

Mindy said...

I'll give you an "AMEN" on that one.

Amen, girl. Amen.

Jodie Haney said...

I'm going shopping...hope they are not sold out. I don't need them either!

Jodie Haney said...

Poor John...I'll give hime an Amen.
If they have anyone bed, I'll order and come pick up!

John said...

First of all, you "ladies" never say amen to your own prayer. So you pray at night and just end with a period at the end of the sentence. No Amen. Or if you pray at family home evening, dinner, pre-bed, et. al. you never say amen after YOUR prayer? Seriously

When I say AMEN, the world is saying AMEN with me because my words are so powerful.

Secondly Mindy, if in fact that is your real name, the story about you receiving bedding is not entirely acurate. Some parents were getting rid of them and I though, "hmmmm I know someone who might appreciate that. Let me talk to them." And when I mean beds I also include bed frames. Bed frames are the most difficult part. They are the heaviest. They pinch your fingers. You stub your toes. And don't forget about the storage of the beds.

You seem ungrateful for my thoughtfulness because I "merely" drove the beds down.


Brian said...

I think you should have used the money to buy the iPod Touch. Usable. Simple yet elegant. Trendy. And your children won't pee on it in the night.

Angela said...

I wouldn't feel guilty about this purchase either! I love a good deal!

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